Toronto North Volleyball Club as formed in 1979 by Navroz Jiwa. In 1980, Volleyball legend Salim Bhanji became the new captain and positioned the team for success. Over the years, Toronto North has battled over and over, winning countless championships. One of their biggest rivals on the court was Firoz Hemraj (Reblo) and Toronto East. Watching those games was like being at a gun range seeing bullets go back and forth.

In 2007, after 27 years and countless championships, Salim handed the leadership reigns over to his youngest son Faisal. Now, a younger and still powerful team, Toronto North became known around the world for its stellar performance and the ability to achieve greatness.

Faisal Bhanji, playing volleyball since he was six years old, was a volleyball legend following in his father's footsteps. One of Faisal's biggest goals was building bridges with other communities and creating a "traditional volleyball community", regardless of faith. In November of 2015, Faisal's life was suddenly cut short and he was not able to complete this goal. He will be with us on the court, and in our hearts, forever.

In 2017, Abbas Khimji has taken the leadership reigns and leads the team into the future. Toronto North's number one goal is to promote brotherhood through sport and evolve our Traditional Volleyball communities into one - regardless of faith, because we all bleed the same. It's time we stop building walls, and build bridges instead.

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