Toronto North Volleyball Club

Traditional Volleyball

Traditional volleyball is a unique game which has been around for centuries and played all over the world.  It is a one-touch game however; traditional volleyball does not require the bump-set-spike scenario as international volleyball. Instead, it is based on a consistent 2-hand-overhead striking of the ball.  Three touches are only permitted on the same side is if the ball is hit into the net on the first touch, the second touch would be lifted out of the net in a bumping motion or one hand palm faced down, the third touch would be hit over with the 2-hand-overhead strike. Spiking is not permitted on the third touch, but only allowed on the first touch.


The Faisal Bhanji Memorial Cup is a Traditional Volleyball tournament dedicated to remembering of one of the world’s greatest players who is no longer with us, Faisal Bhanji, and will be hosted by Toronto North Volleyball Club.  There will be intense competition from teams all over the world, but only one Champion will prevail.  For more information please visit our tournament page.

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